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Mourinho snatched Son Heung-min’s words to praise Kane

Son Heung-min was in an interview after making Premier League poker, when suddenly coach Jose Mourinho stepped in and said Harry Kane was the best player.

Son was interviewed by the BBC after a 5-2 win in the second round of the Premier League at Southampton’s field. This match, the Korean striker scored four goals and was voted “Best Player”. All of those goals were created by Harry Kane. He is also the remaining author of Tottenham’s desk.

While Son was listening to the question, Jose Mourinho suddenly dropped his head and said “Best player of the match, Harry Kane”.

“I would say Harry is the best player in the match, because he scored one goal and four assists,” replied the 1992-born striker. “We have been playing together for a long time. This is the sixth season. We understand each other, want to maintain a good relationship both on and off the pitch. I think we are always working to improve our relationship. We may not be the perfect striker, even to make it better now, but both he and I are aiming for a perfect relationship.

According to Opta statistics, this is the first time in the history of the Premier League, a player to assist a teammate to score four goals in a match.

Kane is the first English player to create four goals in a single game, and is the sixth to do so in the Premier League. He was also the first player to imprint on five goals in a single game since Mohamed Salah, who scored four and assisted one in Liverpool’s 5-0 defeat of Watford in the Premier League in March 2018.

Meanwhile, Son’s first three goals make him the fourth player in Premier League hat-trick history with just one assistant. The four goals that Kane created for Son to score against Southampton also helped the duo have 24 combined goals since 2015. They have thus become the best attacking pair in the Premier League at the same time.

Son personally became the 28th player in history to ever score four goals in a Premier League match. Just six cases have twice made poker, including Michael Owen, Robbie Fowler, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Frank Lampard, Yakubu Ayegbeni and Serrgio Aguero.

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The case of Son Heung Min can spread Covid-19

Son Heung Min is at risk of contracting Covid-19 after 4 Korean players are positive.

South Korea is in a state of turmoil, while the team gathered in Austria to prepare for two friendly matches against Mexico and Qatar. According to news from the press of this country, 4 players Jo Hyun-Woo, Kwon Chang-Hoon, Hwang Inbeom and Lee Dong Joon along with one of the team’s entourage were Covid-19 positive and had to be told immediately. glass.

The source said that the Korean Football Federation (KFA) tried to create a safe gathering area for the country’s team, but in the end things were not guaranteed. The station was a hotel but the nearby training ground was an open training ground and could be accessed by outsiders, and the locals were quite indifferent to wearing masks. page even took photos of the Korean team practicing and a stranger was still running on the field.

It is known that the location that the KFA has chosen for South Korea to be stationed is actually in an area that was recently blocked by an outbreak, so they had to change locations urgently. In addition to the new destination being a place where epidemic prevention is loose, the KFA has also been criticized for choosing Austria to focus on while they have done a good job of epidemic prevention in the K-League (all year), only 1 player is positive).

And the issue that is of greatest concern to Premier League fans in general and Tottenham fans in particular is Son Heung Min. According to journalist Lee Hanshin working with Korean Tel, Son has been in contact with one of the positive players and he is currently on quarantine to wait for the test results.

In the very lucky case, Son will also have to quarantine for 1 week, that is if 2 or 3 consecutive test results show he is negative. If the striker is positive, he must be isolated for 14 days before being tested again.

Immediately after the gathering of this team, Son Heung Min will join Tottenham to welcome Man City on Saturday night, November 21 in the Premier League. If there is at least 1 week of isolation, Son will almost certainly not be able to attend this important great battle, a match where if he wins Tottenham will temporarily climb to the top of the table while Leicester City prepare to meet Liverpool (Sunday night).

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The title era of Son Heung Min (Part 2)

Tottenham does not seem to have reached the strength of a champion, although it is impossible to say anything about the form of the Premier League giants this season as each side has soon revealed cracks in their armor.

Even champions Liverpool have lost Virgil Van Dijk and are leaving defensive concerns, so Tottenham’s hope is still there.

But the biggest chances for Tottenham seem to lie in the cup fronts. They are proving very strong in the Europa League as well as continuing to maintain the League Cup & FA Cup front. Coach Jose Mourinho in his career always attaches great importance to the League Cup arena, so it would not be surprising if he decides to join his students on that front if it is the only chance for Spurs to have the title.

Mourinho is using Son in the best way of his career by not only getting along well with Harry Kane, but also by the powerful support from full-backs like Sergio Reguilon and Serge Aurier. And he also has a B option for attackers, with Carlos Vinicius, Erik Lamela, Gareth Bale, Steven Bergwijn to keep Son, Kane and Lucas Moura strong without affecting the gameplay.

Everything is ideal for Son Heung Min and the rest is just how long he will continue to maintain his current form. Certainly the opponents have started to pay attention to him and Kane and the attacking style of Spurs, and the difficulty from now on will only increase. But those are the necessary challenges for Son to deserve the acclaim that he is “Asian Ronaldo”.

And if this season, Son helped Tottenham win the Premier League and won himself a personal title as top scorer, Son Heung Min will surely be praised no less than the Portuguese version of Ronaldo.

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The title era of Son Heung Min (Part 1)

8 goals after 6 games, that is the number of Son Heung Min leading the list of Premier League top scorer in 2020/21 season.

Not Salah, Mane, Sterling, Aguero, Werner, Jamie Vardy, Aubameyang Rashford or Martial. Son Heung Min contributes 50% of the goals for Tottenham, and 8 of his goals are equal to the number of goals scored by both Arsenal and Man City.

Ronaldo in the 2007/08 boom season for MU, the season that helped him win the first Golden Ball in his career, did not start as well as Son when he still had no goals for MU after the 6th round of the Premier League. This is Son’s sixth season in the Premier League and he has scored 61 goals in 166 games, while Ronaldo has 84 goals in 196 games. Son will have to end the season at 31 goals to balance Ronaldo’s performance, he has to score 23 more.

In the history of football, there has been a rare Asian striker that has created a great dispute for the top scorer in a European league, except for Cha Bum Kun, another South Korean player who still has a record. No. 1 Asian striker in Bundesliga history. Even at the peak of the form for Bayer Leverkusen, Cha Bum Kun still has only 17 goals in the 1985/86 season, the most and still stands below 3 other strikers.

But with Son Heung Min, the opportunity is ahead of him to become the first Asian player to win the Premier League top scorer. The competition is certainly fierce because Aubameyang, Salah, Ings, Vardy and recently Calvert-Lewin are all able to catch up, but Son is in an era of top form and Kane’s support, like Ronaldo and Rooney.

This will be an unpredictable season for the Premier League because we have seen surprises like Everton and Aston Villa climbing to the top of the chart, or Leeds just taking the top 4 despite having just promoted. Particularly with Tottenham, they won bold victories in the Europa League and defeated MU 6-1, but in the middle of those results was being held by Newcastle, which was a 3-3 draw against West Ham despite leading 3-0.

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Son Heung Min scored at Tottenham, given a new contract

Son Heung Min is in brilliant form in the Premier League and is about to receive a big bonus from Tottenham with a new contract, a new salary.

Son Heung Min is playing increasingly sublimated in the Tottenham shirt. The South Korean striker took all the individual titles awarded by the club last season and continued to shine in the first few rounds of the Premier League.

After the first 5 rounds, Son Heung Min and Calvert Lewin (Everton) are “top scorer” in the Premier League with 7 goals. Tottenham’s No. 7 had a poker shot (scored 4 goals) against Southampton, contributed 2 goals in the 6-1 great win over MU and had 1 goal against West Ham in the last round. In addition, Son Heung Min also has 2 assists in the Premier League.

Thus, the Korean striker has an average record of scoring or assisting 1.8 times / match in the Premier League. This is a desirable number for any player playing in the tournament known as the toughest on the planet.

However, the brilliant form of Son Heung Min made the Tottenham leadership worried because the contract of both sides was only valid for 2 years when this season ended. Currently, the South Korean striker is valued at £ 67.5 million (according to Transfermarkt) and could increase further in the near future. However, that also did not prevent the big players’ interest in Tottenham’s No. 7.

Remember, Son Heung Min is not just valuable on the pitch. According to the latest statistics, the number of Tottenham fans in Korea has surpassed MU and possibly Asia in the coming time thanks to the presence of the striker born in 1992. This is a “fertile” land that All the big Europeans wanted to gain in order to increase their reputation and market share.

To avoid being pushed into a passive position in the event of having to sit at the negotiating table, Tottenham president Daniel Levy plans to keep the Korean striker. According to his Telegraph, “Rooster” is negotiating a contract extension with Son Heung Min with a new salary.

Currently the number of years and salary in the draft contract has not been disclosed, but it will almost certainly not be less than £ 150,000 / week. Song Heung Min is enjoying a salary of £ 110,000 / week at Tottenham.

This move by Daniel Levy shows that the England boss of Tottenham is afraid of appearing “second Eriksen”. The Danish midfielder was once one of the club’s most expensive players, but Tottenham had to sell quickly because he did not want to extend when the contract was only 1 year.

However, if he received a new salary of £ 150,000 / week, although very high for an Asian player, Son Heung Min could not be in the top of the highest-paid star in the Premier League. Son’s salary is only in the form of “gentle village” compared to other superstars. In the top 10 highest-paid players in the Premier League, according to The Sun’s statistics, salaries are from £ 220,000 / week or more. The highest is now Aubameyang at £ 350,000 / week with extra fees at Arsenal.

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Portugal won strongly despite Ronaldo’s absence

The Portuguese team beat Sweden 3-0 on October 14, when Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to play due to Covid-19 infection.

Coach Fernando Santos chose Diogo Jota, a player in Liverpool, to play for Ronaldo. And it was the right choice when Jota shone: scoring two goals and assisting the other.

Portugal opened the scoring in the 21st minute, when Bruno Fernandes launched an attack on the Swedish penalty area. Jota did not want to finish, but passed Bernardo Silva to beat goalkeeper Robin Olsen.

Sweden is not too bad either. The team is ranked 18th on the FIFA rankings and has organized many attacks, including the situation where Marcus Berg finished hitting the column. However, the visitors could not change the match in favor of defending champions Euro.

In the 44th minute, Jota decided the match for Portugal with a double goal. Liverpool club striker successfully controlled Joao Cancelo’s pass, then defeated Olsen.

Portugal continues to dominate after halftime. They quickly secured a 3-0 victory with a beautiful goal. Jota took the ball and eliminated three Swedish players, then sank to complete a double individually.

In the first leg of this match, Portugal also won 2-0 at Sweden, thanks to Ronaldo’s double. Through four matches in the A3 Nations League group, Portugal are having three wins and one draw, topping the table. In addition to twice defeating Sweden, the champions Euro won Croatia 4-1 and drew France 0-0.

When the group returns in November, Portugal will play three games, including the friendly match against Andorra on 12/11, and the last two matches of the Nations League group stage, against France on November 15, and then as a guest of Croatia. three days later.


Portugal (4-3-3): Patricio – Cancelo, Pepe, Dias, Guerreiro – Carvalho (Moutinho 80 ‘), Silva (Andre Silva 75’), Pereira – Jota (Rafa Silva 88 ‘), Felix (Daniel Podence 75 ‘), Fernanes (Sanches 88’).

Sweden (4-4-2): Olsen – Lustig (Johansson 54 ‘), Olsson, Ekdal, Calesson – Berg (Olsson 88 ‘), Quaison (Isak 62′ ), Jansson, Lindelof, Bengtsson – Kulusevski (Larsson 88’),.

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Son Heung Min shocked the Premier League: Going straight to the first title?

Son was voted into Hamburg’s all-time squad in 2018. At once won many glory (including the European Cup) and in his ranks at least two Golden Ball winners, Son again won a solemn place by helping Hamburg relegate a season with important goals from the bench, and the following season the main kick helped Hamburg finish seventh in the Bundesliga.

Has Son Heung Min been interested in Europe’s biggest football teams? Maybe, many years ago he was rumored to join Bayern Munich to play in the familiar German football environment. However, that rumor went nowhere and Son probably won’t leave Tottenham for many more years.

When Son’s talent was noticed, he was still a winger for two top-tier Bundesliga football teams, and the moment he joined Tottenham ensured that he joined a top club in the world. very difficult. Chairman Daniel Levy is a man that the giants are very fed up with because he always tries to get as much money as possible if he has to sell his stars.

Moreover, Son for many years had to worry about his future military service, so that the big clubs did not dare come close. The Korean star is now 28 years old and Real Madrid, Barcelona or Bayern would rather invest in younger players, and life in London is quite pleasant so Son will be happy to stay with Spurs despite the opportunity to compete.

But in this season 2020/21, the title chance for Tottenham still exists. Mourinho attaches great importance to the cup game and his forces are able to go far in the knockout tournaments, not to mention he has two more quality reinforcements from Madrid, Gareth Bale & Sergio Reguilon. Bale’s addition is notable because, despite the old age, Bale is still a top player in the world and has won a lot of success.

The Tottenham attacker recently is their ability to attack mass defenders, and now Bale and Reguilon will help solve the problem somewhat. Bale will take the place of Lucas Moura, who is very aggressive in defense but is not as effective at attacking as Bale when operating in tight spaces. Kane – Son – Bale will be a powerful trio and will also be provided with the ball by an increasingly progressive player Giovani Lo Celso.

Winning the Premier League is afraid it is too difficult for Tottenham because they have not reached the level of Liverpool or Man City, but the cup arena is completely possible. Son Heung Min, Harry Kane and Tottenham players may not have to wait long to get the moment to lift the championship trophies.

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Son Heung Min shocked the Premier League: Going straight to the first title? (Part 2)

Perhaps what makes coaches, including Thorsten Fink, Roger Schmidt or Samy Hyypia in Germany, love Son is because of his willingness to respond to the requests of his superiors.

To Son, his father’s word was the law and he was therefore not married yet because he did not want him to be dominated by family life. Being obedient and not allowing ego to dominate action is what makes Son always trusted.

It is impossible not to mention the ideal teammates next to the Korean superstar. Harry Kane with the ability to step back as a wall is an impossible partner for Son, they have together made 24 Premier League goals to become the best attacking pair in the league since the start of the 2015/16 season. Kane actually works well with almost everyone who plays, including Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen.

Nobody can predict the achievements that Son Heung Min has achieved at Tottenham. Son is now one of the best winger in the world and a Golden Ball candidate in 2019. He became the number 1 Asian striker in both Premier League and Champions League history, winning runner-up of the Champions League season 2018/19.

Son has been voted Premier League Player of the Month twice, entered the Premier League fan-voted standout team twice, was awarded the league’s best goal of the month award, and is scored the best goal of the 2019/20 Premier League season.

In the Tottenham shirt, Son is currently ranked 17th in the list of the greatest goalscorer in club history, and is the number 4 striker in the European Cup of Spurs. He won the club’s Player of the Season award for two consecutive seasons, and his goal against Burnley last season was named Tottenham’s best goal of the decade.

Since Tottenham began awarding the Player of the Season award in 1987, Robbie Keane has won the most number of awards on three occasions. Son Heung Min with 2 consecutive seasons receiving the award is only 1 time behind Keane, while many times more than Teddy Sheringham, Jurgen Klinsmann or Chris Waddle. Those legends have all been nominated for Tottenham’s House of Fame, so Son is almost certain to come one day to be honored.

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Son Heung Min shocked the Premier League: Going straight to the first title? (Part 1)

Son Heung Min is on his way to becoming a monument at Tottenham. Will the poker hit against Southampton be the start of a journey for him to win a title for the first time for Spurs?

Son Heung Min is not a less talented player, but he can hardly reach the level of Mohamed Salah or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. That is why Son compensates with hard work, and most importantly, simplicity in action.

The main factor that helps Son kick anywhere is because he always practices to develop his basic skills as a whole. He practiced kicking & passing well with both feet, tried to speed up and chose the position without the ball, practiced to control a narrow space and participated in the dispute. Focusing on the basics of the training ground, Son also brings a simple mindset to the game.

Perhaps among the current Premier League strikers, Son is the most direct and simplest player. He passed simply and moved wide around the opponent’s penalty area waiting for his chance to finish without ever extending the ball. In a quick counter-attack, Son’s speed is truly a nightmare for any center-back no matter how fast.

And he also brings a necessary energy source in the defensive front. Son, with Kane since taking up the position at Tottenham, have often made more fouls than defenders, because Spurs’ defense starts from the striker. Son is particularly good at cutting passes, he is the one who cuts the most passes among Tottenham strikers in the Premier League season 2019/20.

Son is fortunate again to come to a club like Tottenham, coach Mauricio Pochettino and his pressing style makes Son more valuable and now Jose Mourinho is even more important to him because of his fast and not colorful style. . Pochettino held Son to stay when he was about to leave for Germany after the bad first season of 2015/16, and Mourinho since taking the lead has not once criticized Son.

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LPGA Tour is without the Korean star group

Drive on Championship – the first event on the LPGA Tour’s rematch schedule – does not feature four Korean golfers in the world’s top 10.

Drive on Championship was held at Inverness Stadium, par71, in Ohio. The prize consists of 54 holes, with a prize fund of one million USD. It was added to the new schedule by the LPGA Tour to provide more competitive opportunities for member golfers after the translation break.

Drive on Championship brings together seven golfers from the top 20 in the world. But in this group, Korea has up to eight people and are absent for the same reason: afraid of nCoV. Particularly in the top 10, Korea has Ko Jin Young (number 1 in the world), Park Sung Hyun (3), Sei Young Kim (6) and Kim Hyo Joo (10).

However, the list of 144 golfers at Inverness Stadium still has many American and international stars on the Rolex Ranking. The indigenous group is led by Nelly Korda (2), Danielle Kang (4), Lexi Thompson (9), and internationally are Minjee Lee (8) and Carlota Ciganda (15). Inverness will also host the 2021 Solheim Cup between the US and European women’s team.

“Waiting for that long is enough. We are all excited when we get back on the field. There are many people taking the rhythm right away, but there are also some members who are not secure enough. I personally welcome all individuals to choose the right thing. right for yourself and those around you”, LPGA Tour Special Envoy Mike Whan commented on the new schedule.

Not only skipping Drive on Championship, Korean stars in the top 10 Rolex Rankings also ignore the next three closed rounds, including the Marathon Classic of the same state, the Ladies Scottish Open and the major Women’s British Open, all in Scotland. And thus, Park Inbee, ranked 11th, is the highest ranked golfer in the world scheduled to attend major in Scotland. She won this award in the 2015 tournament in the seven major collection.

“Due to concerns about the Covid-19 situation in the UK, Ko Jin Young did not attend the Women’s British Open. She hopes to return to the US to play the LPGA Tour, but have no concrete plans yet. We are in Korea to avoid infection and wait for positive progress in the US, “Ko Jin Young’s representative – Han Hyomin – told Golf Channel.

During the time of reluctant respiration, Ko and Park returned to their hometown, also participating in the domestic professional system of KLPGA, as the arena was open from mid-May. There, Ko finished 45th at Lotte Cantata Ladies Open and sixth at major domestic Korea Women’s Open. And Park only played the major KLPGA Championship and didn’t cut it.

After the Scotland tour, the LPGA Tour returned to the US with a series of six events from late August to early October, including two majors including ANA Inspiration and Women’s PGA Championship. And Korean stars have yet to finalize their plans to attend. In this prestigious group of events, Korean players have won 19 out of 39 recent tournaments.