Asian Football Supporters

Since the 1950s Wolverhampton had been an important base for newly arrived Punjabi immigrants. The Punjabi population has grown and established itself as a permanent and proactive community in the city and surrounding area.
Asians Supporting Wolverhampton Wanders

In recent years members of Wolverhampton’s Punjabi community have set up their own amateur football clubs and actively supported their local team.

The Punjabi’s have always been a proud people; proud of not only their Punjabi roots but equally of the City they were born and brought up in.
Dev Purewal, Member of the Punjabi Wolves

The Punjabi cultural legacy of ‘pride and loyalty’ has transcended into the second generation of British-born Punjabis, who are passionate about their support for Wolverhampton Wanderers and the game. This has brought about the creation of the Punjabi Wolves Supporter Club.

An Asian fan base of supporters following Wolves FC has always existed in the city although in the early years numbers were limited. Asian fans who choose to attend matches, stood out from the crowd by their mere presence. However, in recent times the national game of football has changed both on and off the pitch. One such change has led to more Asian/Punjabi fans attending matches, be it in their own small family groups or with other supporters of a different race – in Wolverhampton they are united together by their team’s ‘old gold & black’ colours.

Asian football supporters

The Punjabi Wolves Supporter Group was set up to provide a platform for any Wolves supporters irrespective of their race, origin or background. Punjabi Wolves are a supporter group with a broad and diverse membership base. Although, the origins of the group are Punjabi, the membership is that of a truly integrated community, including many non-Punjabi members. Punjabi Wolves has built strong relationships with other supporter groups (e.g. Viking Wolves; Shrewsbury Wolves; Daventry Wolves; Brighton Wolves; Cannock Wolves and Black Country Celts). Further allegiances have developed with organisations such as ‘Kick-It-Out’ and the Asian Football Network. In recognition of their growing stature Punjabi Wolves diverse fan base were last year formally elected into the Wolverhampton Wanderers ‘Fans Parliament’. Today Punjabi Wolves can proudly call upon a very diverse, multi-cultural and international fan base; forging strong relationships with other supporter groups as well as laying the foundations for firm allegiances with many other high calibre associates.

Punjabi Wolves aims to foster community and football development in their local community. The group will provide a proactive focus to encourage young kids to play football, get involved and participate in other community-led initiatives whilst embracing the pride that they have in supporting their home town club.

The hope being they too will not succumb to peer pressure in following the more obvious and fashionable teams that reside further a field but instead if they bleed, they bleed ‘old gold & black’ and so be part of the wider community of the barmy army Wolves fans.
Dev Purewal

A recent fundraiser showcased the positive impact the Punjabi Wolves can have on its local community and beyond, a charity dinner supported by Wolverhampton Wanders and ex players raised over £28,000 thousand for locally based charity Promise Dreams. The charity event endorsee’s the ethos of the supporter group. Whereby Punjabi Wolves Supporters Club not only promotes their love of the game and local club but use football to foster community cohesion and development.

Ultimately, we intend to have lots of fun and enjoyment in whatever we do and in turn feel the Pride, Passion & Belief that comes in following the Wolves. Punjabi Wolves will continue to build on their growing reputation by working closely with the local community, other supporter groups and with Wolves F.C.
Dev Purewal

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