Freeflow Football Academy

The Free Flow Football Academy (FFA) was established by a group of dedicated coaches, volunteers and parents with the aim to develop multi-skilled football players that are given the freedom to express their individuality in a structured coaching framework that is under-pinned by the Brazilian football development ‘Futbol de Salao’ and the European model. FFA has tailored its coaching development programme around the principles of the small-sided Brazilian game and has seen the benefits in developing players based on skills and a broad programme as opposed to introducing them to the full-sided game before they are ready. FFA coaches come from Italy, Mauritius and the UK and have a worldview on player and football development.

Mentoring and nurturing players and coaches is at the centre of the aims and objectives of the FFA, their holistic approach goes beyond conventional football development, with sessions on moral values, diet, mental and physical wellbeing, skills and technique. Their ethos is to engage with and empower players to developing self- esteem and enable them to express themselves. Teaching them not only football but life skills as well.

Free Flow Football

The FFA is an inclusive football project, which welcomes players, coaches and volunteers from all members of the local community.They have developed coaching opportunities throughout their borough and have developed successful youth football teams. Currently they are creating partnerships with the Asian Football Network, Essex FA and the local authority to develop one of the first junior Futsal leagues in East London.

Free Flow Football group

Their hopes for the future are to obtain funding for the new post of a football development officer, and their own facilities so they can expand and develop their football academy.

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