Liverpool Muslim Ladies

Liverpool Muslim Ladies (LML) was set up by Zaynab Ahmed (aged 23) with the help of her sister Kinse Ahmed (aged 21). It began around five years ago and was a way of getting young Muslim girls to socialise and interact through sports.

The main reason they formed LML was the lack of activities for young women to participate in, especially for young Muslims within the local area. Therefore the overarching vision of LML was to contribute something new towards its local community. Football was a particular sport that Zaynab and her friends enjoyed playing, but due to religious teachings it was not appropriate for them to join other teams, therefore they took upon themselves to set up their own team. Liverpool Muslim Ladies gave young Muslim women the opportunity to participate in sports in a safe and secure environment, which respects their beliefs

Your Game and extending provision for Women’s Football

During the Year 2006, things progressed rapidly for Liverpool Muslim Ladies. After participating in the Your Game tournament held by the BBC. They won the fair play award at a regional event, giving them opportunity to take part in the final at St James Park in Newcastle. It was this exciting occasion that gave them the chance to be recognised by others, and this has led to them now working in partnership with Everton FC to establish a Women’s League, which will allow everyone to participate in football regardless of the their beliefs, culture, ethnicity or background.

Their positive impact goes beyond the football pitch recently LML have also visited Merseyside Police to discuss how to improve the representation of ethnic minorities on the force, and now some of the members are having thoughts of joining the police force.

LML was awarded a grant to take on their first project as an organisation, for Anti-drugs awareness, which has now been completed, and on September 12th 2006, LML were nominated in the Beautiful Game category at the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Awards in London. This award recognises the work of an individual or organisation promoting ethnic minority participation in football and helping to break down racial barriers.

Promoting Positive image of Muslims

Additionally LML focus is to promote an accurate portrayal of Muslim culture and women’s issues. Zaynab said: “Given the relatively negative portrayal of Muslims and Islam in the media, it is not surprising that some people have a distorted image of Islam and Muslims. However I was extremely amazed to know that LML has had nothing but positive reaction from the media, public and the community, given us the opportunity to show a realistic and productive image of the Muslim community”.

Coaching education developing grassroots football

LML are putting plans in place to develop the work LML on and off the field Members of LML are hoping to complete coaching and training course in the near future to build sustainable foundations for the organisation.

My biggest ambition is to become an international Role model for all women regardless of their age, gender, race, ethnicity and religion.
Zaynab Ahmed

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