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Devin Booker NBA Championship 2K Players Tournament

Devin Booker was named the “King of the Game” at the American professional basketball tournament when he became the NBA 2K Players Tournament Champion.

The golden face in the video game village Devin Booker claimed himself at the NBA 2K Players Tournament after defeating his Phoenix Suns teammate DeAndre Ayton in the Final Series. Booker won both games to claim the 2K king in the NBA player world.

Since the Semifinals, the tournament has been played in a 3 to 2 2 match format, and Booker has not lost any games. In the Semifinals, he easily won Game 1 by using LA Clippers to beat Montrezl Harrell’s Houston Rockets with 68-54. Harrell decided to use Milwaukee Bucks at a difficult time but ended up losing 62-65 to Toronto Raptors.

The remaining battle in the Semifinals also took place between Suns – Clippers players DeAndre Ayton and Patrick Beverley. Like Booker, Ayton won both games to win the right to go thanks to the Brooklyn Nets and the Phoenix Suns themselves.

The internal confrontation between the two Phoenix Suns players was relatively noisy with many trash talks. Booker with Houston Rockets won an impressive game in game 1 with 72-62, reaching throwing efficiency up to 63%.

In the next game, DeAndre Ayton had to use the strongest team of NBA 2K, Milwaukee Bucks, although he had never controlled this team. However, Ayton’s chances of reversing the game were nearly zero when Booker achieved a throwing efficiency of 71% in the first two rounds against the Denver Nuggets. He won the final with a score of 74-62.

The Phoenix Suns defender said that he had played NBA Championship 2K Players Tournament a lot since he was a kid. Growing up, he had used to play video games. It all depended on the timing and the coordination between hands and eyes”.