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On this page we have provided a glossary of terms found in the AFN website. The intention is not to confuse the user with jargon but to explain terms that are often used by agencies, funders etc. Thus this page provides a useful resource for those planning on working in the field of sports development and ethnicity.

Accreditation – the act of granting credit or recognition (especially with respect to institutions that maintain suitable standards).

BME – Black and Minority Ethnic persons or groups.

Capacity-building – Capacity-building is the development of an organisation’s core skills and capabilities, such as, management, fundraising, programmes and evaluation.

Futbol de Salao’ – small sided football game as played in Brazil played with a heavy ball so that it stays on the ground to encourage skills.

Futsal – indoor small sided version of association football.

Football Development – increasing the growth of football at all levels and in all sectors.

Forum – A medium or place for the open discussion or voicing of ideas.

Funding Surgeries – funding workshops for small groups and individuals.

Funding Streams – numerous available funding opportunities.

Grassroots – community and local level groups or activities used to describe initiatives that arise within local communities , rather than top-down approaches which originate outside local communities.

Holistic – emphasising the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.

Inaugural – first.

Mainstream – the prevailing current of thought influence or activity supported by dominant cultures and institutions.

Marginalised Communities – communities confined to a lower or outer limit or edge.

Mentoring – guided support and teaching.

Platform – a place, means, or opportunity for public expression of opinion.

Provision – to supply or provide goods and /or services.

Under-representation – insufficiently or inadequately represented.

Strategic Partnerships – important in or essential to strategy.

Sustainable – capable of being continued in the long term.