South West Football Network

The South West Football Network (SWFN) is a new and exciting ground breaking initiative that will develop a grassroots football network to engage and empower Asian and ethnic minority groups to tackle racism, exclusion and inequality through football.

There are three key strands that will enable the project to reach its main goal:

1. Develop a sustainable platform for Asian and ethnic minority groups to work with key stakeholders and one another through regular SWFN meetings.

2. Deliver a realistic programme of workshops and activities focusing on tackling issues and challenges faced by these communities including two types of engagement:

a) Engaging and empowering grassroots football projects through development workshops offering participation opportunities and demonstrations. These sessions would also encompass elements of race equality awareness including community cohesion, inequality and racism in football, tackling exclusion in sport and society.

b) Capacity building workshops that would support and mentor football clubs, community groups and existing projects to access funding, development and partnerships.

3. Replicate the tried and tested AFN coaching pathways programme to address the lack of Asian and minority football coaches in this region, building on previous successes with this approach. Approximately 40 new coaches would be mentored to obtain their qualifications and work within, community, club and school settings. These coaches would become role models for the Asian and ethnic minority football community in the target areas.

The project will be delivered by the Asian Football Network in partnership with key football stakeholders and grassroots football and community groups in the region.

The project will cover an area that includes Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire – all of which have significant populations of new and long-standing Asian and ethnic minority communities.

If you are a football or community group and would like to take part in this new project please get in touch.

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