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How many teams have won tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Australia has excelled in overtaking its rivals on Uzbekistan, winning the last ticket of the Asian region to participate in this summer’s Olympics.

Unfortunately for Uzbekistan U23 – the champion of 2018 after defeating the teachers and coach Park Hang-seo, when breathless at a critical time. The idea that the Central Asian team knocked UAE to 5-1 in the quarterfinals will be a match for South Korea in the race to the title of champion. However, teachers and coach Drulovic proved exhausted and “caught cards”, suddenly collapsed at the stage of deciding to win tickets to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

In the semi-finals, U23 Saudi Arabia with an effective counter-attacking style played a “final blow” in the 87th minute, making Uzbekistan “disillusioned” with the championship. The bronze medal match is also very similar to the scenario in the semi-finals. Uzbekistan dominated and constantly had chances to score but were inefficient. D’Agostino striker in an ecstatic ball situation tore the goalkeeper Nematov, setting up a 1-0 victory for Australia.

Thus, U23 Australia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia are three representatives of Asian football competed at the Summer Olympics 2020. Justice that judges this as a fair and reasonable result. Socceroos, Saudi Arabia and South Korea have shown the experience and seasoned bravery of the team forged through many major tournaments. Plus host U23 Japan, Asia is the area with many teams competing in the Summer Olympics.

The European region also identified four names to win tickets to this year’s Tokyo Olympics. These are France, Romania, Germany and Spain. In the U23 finals in Europe, Spain won the victory over the German team with a score of 2-1, thereby winning the championship for the fifth time. The remaining two tickets belong to France and Romania after losing in the semi-finals.

The other four teams that qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifiers are South Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt (Africa region) and New Zealand (Oceania region). Up to this point, the first 12 teams to compete in the Tokyo Summer Olympics are Japan (host), South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Spain, Germany, France, Romania, Egypt. , Ivory Coast, South Africa, New Zealand.

The last four tickets belong to South America, ending the qualifier on February 9 and Concacaf. Currently Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile are the 4 dominant teams in South America while the U23 Concacaf final will be played from March 20 to 1/4.