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South Korea gets into the final of the U23 Asian Championship 2020

Convincing a 2-0 victory over U23 Australia in the semi-finals of the U23 Asian Championship 2020 on January 22, U23 South Korea followed U23 Saudi Arabia to win the second ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Different from the first semi-final held on January 22, when defending champion Uzbekistan became the former King of the Asian U23 Championship because of being defeated with a score of 0-1 by Saudi Arabia, the ticket match to the final between Korea and Australia took place thrilling and dramatic by the level and level of two Asian football powers.

Overcoming physical strength, endurance, the Korean players won a convincing victory against U23 Australia with two goals from Kim Dae-won and Lee Dong-gyeong in the second half. U23 Australia in the semi-finals helped South Korea extend the series of victories in U23 Asian Cup to 5 and won the official ticket to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, setting a record of continuous participation in the Olympics since 1988.

Coach Kim Hak-bum’s teachers showed a variety of attacking styles based on the speed and superior technique of the young talents. It was the flowery play that helped the Korean U23 2nd to reach the finals of the Asian U23 tournament after 4 times.

U23 South Korea will face U23 Saudi Arabia in the final of the U23 Asian Championship 2020 which takes place on January 26 but before that, it will be the final third-class war and the third ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games between Australia and Uzbekistan. (25-1).

U23 Asian Cup 2020: South Korea aims for the final

As the only team to win after 4 matches, scoring 7 goals and conceding 3 times, U23 South Korea was evaluated “unmatched” at the U23 Asian Championship in 2020 with current level and style.

After the quarterfinals, experts say this U23 Asian Championship final will be a rematch between Uzbekistan and South Korea. In the group stage, coach Kim Hak-bum and his teachers claimed the debt lost in the 2018 tournament by a 2-1 final victory over the defending champions.