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Which club suffered the most from the Tourmalet?

The most intense race as the annual Premier League always creates difficulties and pressure for every team in England.

This year, two names that have difficulty with the Big Six’s schedule are Tottenham and Man City.

The period from early December to mid-January in the Premier League has so far been known to live football viewers as the most fierce “Tourmalet” of European football. The teams in the planet number 1 tournament always have to play with tremendous intensity at this stage. This year is no exception.

Recently, the Daily Mail has made statistics about which team in the Big Six will suffer the heaviest schedule in the upcoming Tourmalet stage. Accordingly, Tottenham and Man City are the two clubs that suffer the most when they not only play many games but also have the least time to rest.

Specifically, the first name facing nightmare in the coming time is Tottenham. The London Rooster will play a total of 12 matches but only have a total of 27 days off, meaning the players are only allowed to rest about 2.25 days between matches. Similarly, Man City also plays with the same number of matches as Spurs, but they only get 1 day off.

In contrast to the two teams above, Liverpool is the most “leisurely” name of the Big Six in the important turn of the season. The Port City team only played a total of 9 matches and had 31 days off, meaning they will get an average of 3.44 days off before each match. In addition to the defending champions, Chelsea also has a breathable schedule when the Blues also play a total of 9 matches and have 30 days off.

Man Utd will play a total of 11 matches in the same time period, but these two clubs have 30 days off, which means the average holiday between matches is 2.72. Similarly Arsenal when the Gunners have the same number of matches as Man Utd and the same number of days off as Liverpool.

Experts predict football that the occurrence of this difference comes from the Carabao Cup arena. Specifically, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal all stopped at this playground, while both Tottenham, Man City and Man Utd were present in the semi-finals.